Experience a lifetime through the eyes of a tree in this Visual Novel.

Observing people.
Knowing them.
Liking them.
Missing them.

This is a story of a being, stuck in place. A being who can only look around.

(The game is told only in visuals and story, there's no audio.)


"I Look Around" PDF


I Look Around V1.0.gb 256 kB
I Look Around V0.1.gb

Development log


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I added this work to a small list of GBStudio games on my resource web site for instructors and students (gameswemake.com). It is very different than a lot of GB Studio projects (which may inspire students) and has a great story.


Thanks a lot for joining the Jam a making such a special entry! :)

Thanks for playing and thinking it was special. I hope to take part with something better next time.


I think this submission was good :). Had the nostalgia vibe of a kids' picture book based on a folktale. The kind you enjoy as a child, but even more as an adult. Good job.


Thank you, I'm glad you liked it, and also confirming that this could work for all ages (at least in your opinion) to me.