Version 1.0 Changelog

In this update, I make improvement to the Visual Novel's cover, and the bookmarks system.

Whenever you enter a new "chapter" the Visual Novels shows "saving" indicator. If you close the game, you can come back to that spot later via Bookmarks.

I changed the title screen too to something more detailed. If you played both versions, (downloadable as GameBoy Roms,) please tell me which title screen you like more. Feedback is welcome~

Change Log (Ver 1.0)

  • Upgraded title screen.
  • Changed the cover to be the same as the eBook version.
  • Added "Saving" Indicators.

What's Next

I consider this game finished, but there's a chance I make revisions to the script. I might also decide to add background audio in the future.


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Jul 27, 2022
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Jul 27, 2022

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