"I Am;" is a short experience to help you think positively or at least increase awareness of your bad thoughts. This interactive experience was inspired by a popular mobile app.

This an entry to Nokiajam4, I AM;'s aesthetics & sound design are inspired by the old Nokia 3310 (the most popular mobile phone in my country in the early 2000s.)


* Right: Right Arrow/D/Numpad6
* Left: Left Arrow/A/Numpad4
* Audio ON/OFF: Alt/Q/Numpad7
* Auto: Space/Down/Up/S/W/Numpad5

* Mouse/Touch Controls: Tap to change messages. Hold for Auto.


* 1-Bit: Only the two nostalgic colors of the old Nokia phone.
* Nokia Sound Effects.
* Dozens of Positive Thoughts to go through.
* No subscription plan: A common thing in Nokia3310's time. Can you believe it? This is considered a feature nowadays.


* @ahmadmanga: main design & development.
Main font "Ark" by @somepx. The font was provided by Nokiajam Community Resources.
* Sound effects by @trix. Also provided by Nokiajam Community Resources.


* While this project is finished. I may add something in the future, so provide suggestions in comments. (Feel free to comment any Positivity Line you want to be here.) Feedback is appreciated.~

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
GenreInteractive Fiction
Made withConstruct
Tags1-bit, construct-3, nokiajam, nokiajam4


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Nice and wholesome :3

Thanks for playing. Everyone needs moments of positivity in their life!

i dont let obama sour my mood

Wow, I thought I had this typo in the project. Thanks for playing. Now I think about it, Obama's term feels like ages ago now...

Nice job